What we do and how we do it

GFC Consulting stands for consulting, training and coaching
with very high quality standards.

There are many of these companies, you will say. There are indeed. And many good ones at that. So what makes us different from the others? What sets us apart? There is probably more than one answer to this question:

Those who work with us experience consultants who are characterized by an energetic, dynamic manner. We are particularly good when direct, open communication is valued.

Our values are honesty, loyalty and reliability. We do what we say and say what we do.

Our drivers are the curiosity to understand how and why organisations function the way they do. The desire to work out the need for change or optimisation together with our clients and to accompany them during implementation. The desire to provide people with the tools they need to embark on the journey of change and to master it successfully.

We do not have standard answers to your questions. We do not feel responsible for the management of your company. We do not have the power to demand the implementation of decisions that have been made. However, we are happy to support you in setting a different focus, raising questions, putting the current context in a different light and finding the right solution for you together with you.

Counselling is our passion. We live and love our work, especially working with people. We have extensive knowledge, are constantly educating ourselves and have our ear to the market. We have taken on leadership and responsibility in companies and still do. Every day we experience what it means to put theoretical models into practice. We know our competences and respect our limits, but also those of our clients. We have a good sense of what works, what may only work later or what does not work at all.

We only do a job when we are convinced that we can create added value.

For us, this also means that not every client suits us and, conversely, we do not suit every client.

What is particularly important to us: We see time as a valuable resource, especially in an era characterised by high speed and complexity. Time is a precious commodity and should be used specifically for the truly relevant issues in the interest of the entire organisation and the quality of life of the people working in it.

We could list an endless number of reasons why we are exactly the right people for your question.

Perhaps you would be persuaded by the wealth of arguments.

Better would be: Experience us. Get to know us. We look forward to it.