Large group events, Barcamps, Conferences, Strategy Workshops, Meetings, ...

We go with the momentum

The art of good moderation.

By that, we don't mean acting as TV and radio announcers or entertaining crowds in exhibition halls. We are also not interested in hanging as many cards or Post-Its as possible on a pinboard.

For us, good moderation is about working out the desired goals together with you, designing the possible sequence of events and then going with the dynamics without losing sight of the desired goals. It is about the balance of goal orientation and participant activation, of content and emotions, of concentration and movement, of smart processes and structures.

We are good at moderating small units, but we also love to accompany large groups.

Depending on whether you need to develop a new strategy, realign departments or divisions, "get things moving" in the shortest possible time, win people over for new goals, get their ideas, involve them, gather opinions, pass on knowledge, we will work with you to develop the ideal setting. Whether team workshops, strategy workshops, employee days or impulse workshops, management symposia, networking events or future conferences, we ensure a coherent concept, the right mix of methods and, last but not least, good leadership through moderation. Let our experience work for you - we look forward to it!


Occasions for workshops could be...


Strategy Workshop

Mission Statement development


Conflikt Moderation


Team Workshop

In doing so, we accompany each step ...

  • Planning: Together with you, we plan and design the workshop and define the field of possible solutions.
  • Implementation: We ensure that the event runs smoothly in terms of organization and content.
  • Follow-up: We document and reflect on the event together with you.
  • Transfer: In order to transfer the good ideas into daily work and to live them, we develop ideas for implementing them together withyou.