Team Development­

How much self-organization in the team does it actually take,
to be successful?  

The introduction of agile working methods ensures flexibilization and accelerated working methods and a high degree of self-organization, they say. Teams often feel left alone and overwhelmed when it comes to implementing new processes and practices. How much self-organization is really needed? We also experience that teams lack orientation in the form of clear targets. This leads to discontent because no one knows exactly what they should do and what for. But we also experience "aha" and "oh well" because it suddenly becomes clear that colleagues tick quite differently than we do and that this is sometimes the only reason for misunderstandings. Talking to each other helps.

Working with teams is great fun for us.

Team Workshop

And because every team is unique, every team workshop is different. Sometimes we already have a picture of the workshop in mind after the initial conversation, sometimes we like to have one-on-one interviews before we go into a team workshop, and sometimes we think that a team workshop is not helpful so we consider alternative settings with you. How such a workshop can look like, you can see in our methods under team workshop.

Team workshop