GFC Consulting 

We consult and support companies, organizations
and people in their development tasks.


Welcome to GFC Consulting and welcome to the virtual walk through our offer.

GFC Consulting consults and supports companies, organizations and people in their development tasks. With our knowledge, our experience and our joy in doing meaningful things, we are at your side with words and deeds when it comes to developing new solutions or getting new impulses for proven solutions.

Get to know us, our focus and our working methods. Use our knowledge database to get inspired, to get impulses for a project, or simply to inform yourself.

We are looking forward to your questions, your topics and, of course, to talking with you.

Aligning Organizations for the Future

Organizations and people are constantly confronted with new challenges. They have to deliver better results with less personnel, tap into new markets, act more sales-oriented, or integrate a new management level due to company growth. These intentions are not always successful without support. An external perspective can be very helpful. We see our mission to consult and accompany you during such undertakings.

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Value-Based Leadership

As different as we are as people, we lead or would like to be led in different ways. While managers often have the empathy to adapt to the respective personalities of their employees, they often remain in their own world of values and apply personal standards when it comes to how things should be done "right". If leadership is too individual and not congruent with corporate values, employees will resist. If you want to lead successfully, you not only have to be aware of your behavior and thus of your effect on others, but you also have to know in which environment you are and which values are decisive there. We support you in making corporate values livable and sustainable.

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Self-Organizing Teams

Self-organizing teams does not just happen by chance. Team goals, responsibilities in the team, team roles, the way of working together, communication in teams, conflict behavior - whether hard facts or behaviors. The ability for a team to self-organize around the goals it has been given is fundamental. In order to form a team out of a group of people, agreements and rules are needed, which are questioned again and again and renewed if necessary. Through appropriate measures, we support the development of these agreements and rules as well as the definition of processes so that they can also be lived. 

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Making time valuable

The roles we take on in life are exciting and diverse. We are entrepreneurs, managers, executives, employed or self-employed. We are father, mother, grandma or grandpa, brother, sister, life partner, neighbor, friend or girlfriend. We are everything at the same time. But we are often expected to do something else. To be there 100%. In every situation. At any time. How does that work? Is that even possible? And if it is possible, can I live it in my organization? We see our task in examining together with you how the organization can optimally learn to deal with "time". 

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This is my way, which is your way?
THE way does not exist.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


"He who has only a hammer as a tool sees a nail in every problem." (Paul Watzlawick) Our consulting approach is more comparable to a toolbox. Depending on the issue, we examine which "tool" we can best use to contribute to the solution. Often it is a mix of methods. It is always specific to the issue at hand. Get an impression of the methods we use:

Step 1:



You tell us what you would like to change. What is the specific mission? And: Which goals should (not) be achieved?

Together we agree on ways to implement it.

Step 2:



We will provide you with a proposal for a possible approach, which we will then fine-tune together.

Step 3:



Depending on requirements and wishes, we give impulses, moderate, design, accompany, enable or even take responsibility.

Step 4:



We follow up on each of our steps, whether in the form of a foto minutes, minutes, analysis, or minutes with recommendations for action.

The GFC Consulting

The GFC Consulting, that is Angelika Westerwelle, Susen Stanberger, Hans König, Felix Russwinkel, Nicole Kistner and other experts.

We are experienced consultants, coaches and trainers who have worked for many years in management or high leaderhip positions in various companies and some of us still do. This mix of operational work and consulting activities fascinates us and allows us to better combine theory and practice.

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