Together for more efficiency

„Working successfully in a team
und Team Workshops is a wide range.  

Team development is often associated with team-building games. Images of exercises on the high ropes course, rafting or other outdoor activities arise in the mind's eye. This may work. However, our approach is to focus on improving teamwork and improving communication, working through conflicts, talking about the team goals and aligning the team's expectations of the leader and the leader's expectations of the team.

As soon as we have a feeling for what goal is to be achieved with the team workshop, we consider which methods we can use to approach the goal. We take into account the culture of the team, previous experience with team development, openness to this form of working, seniority, playfulness of the team and much more.

Occasions for team workshops
could be: 

You take over a new team as a manager

New teams have been created after a reorganization

Improvement of internal communication and team culture

Dealing with conflicts in the team

The area of responsibility has changed, the distribution of the
responsibilities are to be redistributed within the team

Teamwork should improve

Team Workshop step by step

Like any consulting process, a
team workshop proceeds in several steps:

Step 1:



What should be (not) achieved? What should be different in the end?

Together we agree on ways of implementation.

Step 2:



We design a concept for a potential implementation of the team workshop, which we will then fine-tune together.

Step 3:



We facilitate the workshop.

Step 4:



We follow up on the workshop. You receive foto minutes and, depending on the order, minutes with recommendations for action.

Sounds simple. It is.

The art is to implement the agreed topics from the workshop. Which brings us back to the topic of "personal responsibility". A workshop is not a miracle cure and we are not magicians. We see a workshop as a kick-off for a change process. Changes need time and the will to do something. We see ourselves as companions of these processes and are happy to support you with advice and action.

Examples for Team Workshops

Example 1 (German):

The team (IT support) had the desire to work better together. Due to the diversity (age, seniority, qualification) and the high workload, conflicts and illnesses were increasing. The goal of the workshop was to build more understanding for each other, but also to find concrete approaches for better cooperation.

Workshop Concept


Example 2:

International sales team: The aim of the workshop was to work out a common (team) goal, to improve cooperation and to strengthen the image of the department into the company. The challenge with this request was: we only had three hours. Sometimes it is amazing how much you can achieve in so little time. :-)

Workshop Concept